Video/Story Review: Legatus 505 #2

Video/Story Review: Legatus 505 #2

When I reviewed part 1 of this, I didn’t expect to get anywhere near as many views as I have. So I want to start this post by thanking anyone who has read part 1. If you stick around for my other content, whether manga, games, or books? I’d be even more grateful. And feel free to comment below letting me know your own feelings and theories on this!

I’ll preface this by repeating what I said before. This is a story written by Nijisanji EN Vtuber, Fulgur Ovid. This is a story about the fake backstory given for his character in the introduction. The true backstory for his model is seemingly a lot less dramatic, but the archivist decided to have some fun with words.

Since he isn’t a professional writer and isn’t necessarily planning to be, I won’t be talking about the nitty-gritty of the writing. For one thing, I get the story through watching the VOD and with the choices and chatting in between – I don’t absorb the story in the same way as I would a book. Maybe one day I’ll write editorial notes and message them over to him, but that wouldn’t be for public consumption anyway. Bit rude to very openly critique someone’s work unless they’ve asked you to. Plus, that would take an awful lot of work. If you want to read it for yourself, you’ll find it on the Legatus 505 blog.

With that out of the way – on with the review.

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