How To Read More

How To Read More

If you wanna point out the irony of this post, following on after a post about being in a reading slump? Feel free. I can make it worse by telling you both of these posts have been written on the same day as I wanted more content.

But there is an actual reason for this post.

Generally, I read a lot. In January and February, I managed to read 20 books each month. In March, I read 29. This is a lot more books per month than I was reading this time last year, and it also doesn’t include DNF’s. I’ve learned a lot about myself and reading over the last year or so. So I wanted to share some of my tips to help out those people who wish they could read a little more.

I want to first say that it doesn’t actually matter how much you read per month. Doesn’t matter if you read 5 or 20 books. As long as you enjoyed them and are happy about what you read. But if you want to read a little more just so you can be enjoying more content per month? Then these tips are for you.

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