Noctyx Book Tag

Noctyx Book Tag

I’m honestly surprised that I’m making this book tag before I am anything EnStars, but that was due to problems choosing prompts that I was happy with. These prompts I came up with quickly, but they should be fun to fill in. So I thought, why not put it together?

I’ve not seen much interest in vtubers within the book community, so I’m not sure if anyone will do this book tag. But if you’re stuck on things to post, then let me nudge this towards you, even if the prompts come from something you don’t know. A tag is a tag, after all!

A little over a week ago, a new group debuted from Nijisanji EN. This group of guys all have avatars that supposedly have travelled back in time from the future. Together they’re Stuck in the Abyss and have formed Noctyx. Each character has their own lore and their own way of doing things. Obviously, the person behind the avatar’s personality and interests will always shine through, but there is just something about these backstories and character designs that made me want to create this tag.

So, in no particular order, let’s get on with it!

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