Anime, Manga and the Female Gaze

Anime, Manga and the Female Gaze

I love anime, manga and video games. I talk about them on my blog and all my social media. I’m majorly into a mobile game right now, one that has an anime series, including an upcoming film, and I’m even writing fanfiction for it. Some of the series I love are the popular ones you see a lot of people talking about, and you can easily get merch for in the west. But those series tend to be shonen or seinen series. That’s not to say I don’t love any series where the target audiences are girls and women. My current obsession is definitely aimed at girls, and it definitely has a fairly large fanbase but is it promoted as much in the West? No.

In fact, very few female-targeted series get promoted as hard in the West.

I did a poll on Twitter recently asking people whether they thought female-targeted series are promoted as much in the West, and 5 out of the 6 people who answered agreed that they aren’t. There is something incredibly sad about this, and I want to talk about it.

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Josei Manga Recommendations

Josei Manga Recommendations

I’ve been wanting to do another manga recommendations list for a bit. And I decided that this time, I just have to go for josei manga. Josei manga is manga series aimed at women 16+, and is, therefore, a little more mature than shoujo. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re smutty, and there are actually quite a few series that are fantasies focused on male protagonists, but they still have pretty art styles.

As someone who loves fantasy with pretty boy characters, and doesn’t mind a bit of fujobait as unpopular as that can be (I understand queerbaiting is wrong, but it’s still fun to see these pretty boys have fun interactions), that kind of josei is definitely for me.

Most of the series on this list will be fantasy josei, as that’s the kind I tend to read. So if you’ve wandered over here from my BL list, there will be stuff you will enjoy too. I do have to say that one of these series is a little older and maybe a bit more difficult to get, but I had to include it.

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BL Manga Recommendations

BL Manga Recommendations

It’s time for a manga recommendation post. And not just any genre of manga but BL. For those of you who didn’t read the I Read A Yaoi Audiobook post, BL stands for Boys Love. It’s a genre that, in the past, was split into shonen-ai and yaoi. Shonen-ai translates as Boys Love, but this is more commonly used now.

If you’re already immersed in the manga scene and like picking up BL manga, this post won’t be for you. I’ve only recently started reading the genre again, and my recommendations here are well-known series. Some of them are difficult to get your hands on at the moment, but volumes are still being published. There is one exception which I’ll list at the bottom, but I can’t talk about BL and not mention this one-volume manga and light novel series.

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The Wonders of Doujinshi

Zines are something that is slowly getting more popular. Whether you’re looking for fandom zines advertising on Twitter or Tumblr or the more traditional zines with unusual poetry and pictures, you can always find something for you. Zines themselves aren’t new, they’ve been around for many years, but in Japan, there’s been a particular form of manga that are essentially zines.


So today, I want to talk a little about doujinshi. I’m going to explain what it is for those who don’t know and just say why you should all think about getting some. Or, y’know, try drawing some if you’re into that.

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I Read A Yaoi Audiobook

I Read A Yaoi Audiobook

If you haven’t noticed now, I’m a massive anime/manga/game nerd. I’ve posted about josei mangalight novels, and I’ve even reviewed a few volumes. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten back into manga and games in a way that I haven’t been for years. I’ve never stopped enjoying it, but I did sort of fall out of it for a while. Even if my last few obsessions have been anime and games, my focus was only on the individual series. Not manga and games as a whole.

Once again, I’m desperate to visit Japan. It’s not something that I will be able to afford any time soon, so I’ve been watching videos of people living in Japan on YouTube instead. It has been a lot of fun, and one that I stumbled upon last night was a British voice actor living in Japan…producing an audiobook of a yaoi manga in a month. The manga was called You Are My Princess, and the project was pulled together by CDawgVA, which you can check out here.

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