Which Maria V Snyder Fantasy Series Should You Start With?

I decided I wanted to do a few more fun things on my blog. So why not try making a quiz? I used to make them all the time as a kid on Quizilla, so why not create some bookish quizzes? They’ll be fun for me to write, and hopefully

I’ve written a post before about some of Maria V. Snyder’s various series, and she does have a couple of sci-fi series. But for this quiz, I’m going to focus on the fantasy ones. There’s three different series set in different worlds. If you like one, you’ll like them all, but one of these might appeal more than others.

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My Favourite Underrated Series

My Favourite Underrated Series

I’m going to start this post off by saying if any of these series do pop up on your social media feeds or whatever a lot, they don’t mine. And I clearly need to be following the same people as you. But I tried to make sure that I suggest series that I adored when I read them, but I have never really seen anyone talk about them. So there won’t be the usual series that you see people claim are underrated…

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Author Spotlight: Maria V. Snyder

Author Spotlight: Maria V. Snyder

So this is a new feature I had been debating doing for a while and I’m finally sitting down to write something! So these posts are going to be spotlights for authors that I adore that I maybe don’t see much about or if I do it’s a single series or something. These are all going to be authors I like myself so I’m not being sponsored and these authors aren’t being requested or anything.

I just really love them.

And who better to start with than Maria V. Snyder.

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