My Bookish Goals 2023

My Bookish Goals 2023

I obviously had to do another goals post this year, huh? At the end of last year, I reacted to my goals for 2022, and I was mostly successful! 

Keeping your goals in mind can definitely help you figure out what you want to do in the new year. So I’m setting some specifically bookish ones for this year.

I’ve done away with the genre-focused goals this year and anything too specific. I find that I often forget that I’m supposed to be picking up more of whatever. So, when I look back at the end of the year, it’s always very hit or miss. So I’ll be a little more open, and I’m going to be a little kinder to myself.

And that’s actually the goal we’re going to start with.

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End of Year Reading Goals

End of Year Reading Goals

It has been a little while since I posted anything! Sorry about that. I ran out of scheduled posts, and I’ve just not been reading much. That sadly means that I haven’t really had any ideas for what to write. But I decided I’d talk about some goals.

So, obviously, September is a weird time to be talking about goals. But I’ve been looking at the books I have unread in my box right now, and I have a lot. I had 80 unread books at the beginning of the year, and I have 89 currently. That might not seem like too many more. And to be fair, earlier in the year, the number was going down every month. But recently…I’ve been buying too many books.

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Book Blogging Resolutions 2021

Book Blogging Resolutions 2021

The year is nearly over, I want something easy to write, and I’ve already been making plans for next year? So why not write a blog post about it?

2020 has been a massive improvement for my contributions to the bookish community. I tried booktube and didn’t enjoy it but my following on Twitter and Instagram has grown. I’m talking to more people, or at least trying to – I’m awkward, okay? – and my follower count has grown. I finally put some paid work into the blog on top of that and I’ve been making sure to update much more regularly

And it’s paying off!

As I write this, I have 164 followers on this blog. I’d like to try to get a few more before the new year ends but I’ll be talking about goals for this blog next year later on.

For now, let’s get started on my reading!

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