Let’s Talk About Idols – Mobile Game Edition

Let’s Talk About Idols – Mobile Game Edition

If it’s not been undeniable that I’ve been very interested in idol games. I’m obsessed with one in particular, but I’ve obviously been trying out a few different games. Most of the ones I’ve tried aren’t officially available outside of Japan, but I’ve wanted to do this post for a while.

I thought it would be a good idea for me to try out a few of the idol games available in the west and to talk about them.

So, I downloaded three games on top of Ensemble Stars Music and thought I’d let you all know what I thought about them. Especially as games for users new to rhythm games.

These sorts of games are so much fun. None of them is the traditional kind of idol-raising game, as they all have musical components. But if you’re at all curious about anime idols and want to have some fun playing with them? This post could be for you.

I’m going to list these games from worst to best. I’ll add that this is just my personal opinion, so if you disagree, that’s fine. But I had a lot of fun preparing for this post, so you can definitely take some recommendations.

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Anime, Manga and the Female Gaze

Anime, Manga and the Female Gaze

I love anime, manga and video games. I talk about them on my blog and all my social media. I’m majorly into a mobile game right now, one that has an anime series, including an upcoming film, and I’m even writing fanfiction for it. Some of the series I love are the popular ones you see a lot of people talking about, and you can easily get merch for in the west. But those series tend to be shonen or seinen series. That’s not to say I don’t love any series where the target audiences are girls and women. My current obsession is definitely aimed at girls, and it definitely has a fairly large fanbase but is it promoted as much in the West? No.

In fact, very few female-targeted series get promoted as hard in the West.

I did a poll on Twitter recently asking people whether they thought female-targeted series are promoted as much in the West, and 5 out of the 6 people who answered agreed that they aren’t. There is something incredibly sad about this, and I want to talk about it.

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Persona 6 Should Offer Queer Romance

Persona 6 Should Offer Queer Romance

It’s 2021 now. Persona 5 has been out a few years now, and people are starting to discuss what they’d like to see in Persona 6. We’ve reached the series’s 25th anniversary, and now we’re all waiting for them to announce that this game is in development. Other Japanese games are including more queer romance options, so it’s time we see it in the Persona universe, right?

I agree that we need more queer romance options in this series.

But queerness is already present in this universe. Or, in some cases, it was supposed to see. And that fact highlights why now, we need it more present in this game series.

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Visual Novels and Why You Should Play Them

Visual Novels and Why You Should Play Them

Today I wanna delve more into video games. I am a gamer myself. One who mostly prefers JRPG’s and handheld consoles. I’m a big fan of games with pretty graphics where you can romance pretty boys.

So what I’m talking about will probably come as a surprise to very few of you if you’re into gaming yourself.

Visual Novels (VNs) are exactly what they say on the tin. It is a visual story that you play your way through. You’ll probably be able to name your character, and you will get to make some choices as to how the story progresses. This is usually for different romance routes, but not all visual novels are otome games. When it comes down to it, there is very much a particular story that you are following. And you get to experience it with some gorgeous illustrations that you’re encouraged to collect.

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Playing With Words – A Book/Game Recommendation

Playing With Words – A Book/Game Recommendation

My followers might not know this but I’m a gamer. Maybe not a massive one considering the fact I don’t play online and I get bored if I sit down too long to play a game.

But I love video games for the same reasons I love books.

I love meeting new stories and characters

So I thought why not combine the two things? I’ll play games, I’ll review them and I’ll compare the game to a book or two depending on how many I can find.

So you’ll know if you like that game or that book – you might like the other.

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