Visual Novels and Why You Should Play Them

Visual Novels and Why You Should Play Them

Today I wanna delve more into video games. I am a gamer myself. One who mostly prefers JRPG’s and handheld consoles. I’m a big fan of games with pretty graphics where you can romance pretty boys.

So what I’m talking about will probably come as a surprise to very few of you if you’re into gaming yourself.

Visual Novels (VNs) are exactly what they say on the tin. It is a visual story that you play your way through. You’ll probably be able to name your character, and you will get to make some choices as to how the story progresses. This is usually for different romance routes, but not all visual novels are otome games. When it comes down to it, there is very much a particular story that you are following. And you get to experience it with some gorgeous illustrations that you’re encouraged to collect.

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Playing With Words – A Book/Game Recommendation

Playing With Words – A Book/Game Recommendation

My followers might not know this but I’m a gamer. Maybe not a massive one considering the fact I don’t play online and I get bored if I sit down too long to play a game.

But I love video games for the same reasons I love books.

I love meeting new stories and characters

So I thought why not combine the two things? I’ll play games, I’ll review them and I’ll compare the game to a book or two depending on how many I can find.

So you’ll know if you like that game or that book – you might like the other.

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