To NaNo or Not to NaNo?

To NaNo or Not to NaNo?

We’re a fair way through October, and that means that NaNoWriMo is on the horizon. It’s something that I always want to do, but it’s not something that I always have time for. I am working this year, but something might happen that’ll mean I’m not in the mood for writing. But I’m trying to keep positive for now.

Last year I tried and once again failed. I’ve only managed to succeed once and only because I was just finishing something off. I’m kind of tired of just feeling like I can’t complete anything.

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Writing Fanfiction

I know I’ve spoken about fanfiction before. I talked about how important it is and how it’s something we should celebrate it. I wanted to do some sort of guide on how it can help writers and I’m still not going to do that. But I do want to talk about how writing fanfiction can affect what I’m reading.

So, I’m in a new fandom now. It’s been a few weeks now, but I’m still catching up on canon and reading fanfiction. It’s been pretty nice and I’m filled with ideas. Weirdly enough, I haven’t slipped into AU territory yet. And that’s kind of what’s affecting my reading.

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Write A Scene Challenge #1

Write A Scene Challenge #1

So this is a new thing that I’m trying out. It’s going to be completely unedited – aside from a quick read through. So please excuse any mistakes. If I do anything with this, it will be fixed later on.

The point of this is that I want to get back into writing. I have loads of ideas, but I’m just not writing them. The fact I don’t want to means they’re just not working for me. The fact I don’t know where to start suggests to me that I need to just…try out some stuff.

So, I posted a few polls on Twitter. And each poll would be a character or a location for a snippet of story. I’ll write a first draft of a scene and post it on the blog. If I’m happy with it, great, could be something to work on. If not then at least I’ve written something.

I’m posting this online so people can actually hold me accountable. I’ll probably do a few idea generation challenges and it should be fun.

Feel free to tell me what you think of the snippet. I don’t really need any constructive criticism as it really will just be a quick first draft to see if I can fall into a story. But I do wanna know if people like the characters or the world. As I could work with that for something…well, something I put more effort into.

The prompts I got this time were assassin, tavern and thief.

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So You Want To Build a World? Worldbuilding Resources and Tips

So You Want To Build a World? Worldbuilding Resources and Tips

The moment I decided to write this post, I knew that it was going to be a massive one. I love worldbuilding. It’s probably one of my favourite aspects of both writing and roleplaying! The ability to create an entire world to play in, and then see how other people interact in it or want to help you improve it. From the obvious things like the planet and the countries to the more detailed areas like the people and their cultures, there’s so much that can be done. It’s both overwhelming and exciting.

I’ll admit, worldbuilding is something that comes easy to me. I’m not saying that to show off, but collecting resources for this post made me realise how easy I find it to just sit and daydream about worldbuilding. Then all of a sudden, I have notes upon notes of a whole pantheon of gods. True story. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t need resources or to research or anything like that. Research is so important, as is where you’re getting your inspiration from. And I’m hoping this post can help a little bit with that. We might be building a fictional world, but it’s still informed by what we know of the real world. In a workshop for Wired25 back in 2019, N.K Jemisin said:

Even though we’re telling stories about fiction…we’re trying to get the basic facts of science, the world and people right.”

N.K Jemisin, Wired25 – Full Video Here

And this statement couldn’t be truer. It’s not just that our worlds have to scientifically make sense, which they do, but it’s that the cultures and everything on them has to too. We get so many stories inspired by mythology and ancient cultures, but that makes sense because it means we have a starting point to work on. There’s no harm in that, and I’d even encourage it some extent. Just make sure to colour it with multiple aspects from that culture, not just a few obvious things that everyone knows. It’s also worth speaking to people from that culture too if you’re writing a modern one. You’ll want to avoid offensive and inaccurate tropes whilst making this new culture your own. The research is a necessary evil, but it’s one that can be inspirational too.

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